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Slothy the Weighted Teddy

Slothy is a dream of a then 3 year old girl who had a once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland. This little girls name is Brooke, she stepped into the Rainbow Cafe at Disneyland and peering from one of the racks was a sloth teddy. Brooke already had collected teddies from the trip but insisted that Sloth must join our family.... "Nana Nana Nana, a very cute 3 year old would chant can I get this teddy?" Like many Nana's she caved and Slothy was born.  Slothy is a bright pink Sloth that has foll...

July 1, 2020


Updated: Sep 2, 2019Having 2 children on the spectrum not only came as a surprise but with it all the challenges of having to wear so many different "hats" to try and understand how their head works. Not that their way of thinking is wrong they just come to different conclusions then someone not on the spectrum and to be honest I find their way can often be a better way of thinking about it. They seem to think outside of the box sometimes more practical. Bed time has always been a struggle...

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