Sensory Chew Care

Inspect Regularly 

Sensory chews should be inspected regularly for wear and tear. If any cracks or weakness are noticed please discard of the necklace and replace the chewy. Our Sensory chews are sourced for their safety and chew resistance however it depends on the biting use of the chewer for durability. 

Cleaning Chew necklaces /Chewy

Chewing aids should be washed with antibacterial soap and warm water daily or after dropping on the ground then left to air dry. You can also put our sensory chews through the top rack of the dishwasher (removing the cord) 

Weighted Blanket Care Instructions

Wash on a gentle cycle, cold to warm, with your preferred detergent. To dry a weighted blanket, we recommend you lay it flat to dry, or hang if you have a sturdy enough place to drape your blanket over. setting.


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