Slothy the Weighted Teddy

Slothy's Story

Slothy is a dream of a then 3 year old girl who had a once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland. This little girls name is Brooke, she stepped into the Rainbow Cafe at Disneyland and peering from one of the racks was a sloth teddy. Brooke already had collected teddies from the trip but insisted that Sloth must join our family.... "Nana Nana Nana, a very cute 3 year old would chant can I get this teddy?" Like many Nana's she caved and Slothy was born.  Slothy is a bright pink Sloth that has followed Brooke on many trips and travel and started an obsession with sloths all around. 

"Sloth must have a name!"  Brooke exclaimed, I am going to call him Slothy!... "Ok Slothy nice to meet you" From here stemmed a new bedtime routine, Slothy would join us for bed and do "Slothy Action" this is where Slothy would interact with Brooke and chat about her day (thanks to mums awesome Ventriloquism skills) Fast forward 3 years and Slothy is still Brookes favourite teddy. When we found our weighted teddies we knew that the Sloth Teddy was a must have. Of course Brooke as soon as she laid eyes on Sloth gave it a tick of approval and has since carried it around everywhere. "This is going to be Mummy Sloth" "Awesome " I said, what shall we name her?" Brooke looked at me slightly perplexed and Said .... "Slothy of course" 

So here lies the story of how Smoosh NZ came up with Slothy's name our most popular teddy which sold out in less than a week! I am greatful that I have a business that I can include ideas from my children it really makes our sensory and children's products brands authentic. 

          The one and only original Slothy that started them all


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