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Happy Llama: Bergamot

Did you wake up with a case of 'The Grumps'? Before you throw that epic tantrum, take a minute to douse yourself in delicious Bergamot. Take some deep breaths and relax.
Brought to you by Calmer Llama Co. because happy llamas don't need no dramas

Calmer Llama: Rose

You know, sometimes being a wild child is tiring! Close your eyes and spray the cray-cray away with this sweet calming mist.
Brought to you by Calmer Llama Co. because we like to keep our cool.

Sleepy Llama: Lavender

Bed-time blues got you feeling cranky? Try some super sweet sleepy spray to help chill out and catch some zzz's. Added bonus - it's a certified monster spray.
Brought to you by Calmer Llama Co. because we're all a bunch of dreamers.

Essential Oils
As well as smelling amazing, essential oils can improve ones health & mood.
They've been around since forever & continue to be used in holistic healing practices,
It's not for everyone, though. Some people have allergies or conditions 
which means they can not use certain oils.

During pregnancy - it has not been proven safe to use aromatherapy.
breast feeding - Avoid Peppermint oil as it may be expressed through breast milk.
high blood pressure & epilepsy - Avoid stimulants such as peppermint.
Pets - Never use essential oils on your pets.

Our Bliss Mists use a diluted concentration of essential oils, but please play safe!
If you are concerned about any conditions you have or medications that may interact with our sprays, have a chat with your doctor first. 


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