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Calmer Llama: Rose

You know, sometimes being a wild child is tiring! Close your eyes and spray the cray-cray away with this sweet calming mist. 
Brought to you by Calmer Llama Co. because we like to keep our cool.

Essential Oils

As well as smelling amazing, essential oils can improve ones health & mood.
They've been around since forever & continue to be used in holistic healing practices,
It's not for everyone, though. Some people have allergies or conditions 
which means they can not use certain oils.

During pregnancy - it has not been proven safe to use aromatherapy.
breast feeding - Avoid Peppermint oil as it may be expressed through breast milk.
high blood pressure & epilepsy - Avoid stimulants such as peppermint.
Pets - Never use essential oils on your pets.

Our Bliss Mists use a diluted concentration of essential oils, but please play safe!
If you are concerned about any conditions you have or medications that may interact with our sprays, 
have a chat with your doctor first. 


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