Meditation Calming Drum



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Relax and beat to the tune of your own drum with this beautifully made Meditation Calming Drum. 

1 x 6 inch Steel Tongue Drum
2 x Drum sticks
1 x Tutorial
6 x Finger Cots (3 sizes)
1 x Scale Sticker
1 x Drum Bag
1 x Drum stick Stand
1 x Cleaning Cloth(Random Color)


1.The steel toungue drum is made of steel-titanium alloy and is precisely cut by professional craftsmen. The sound of steel tongue drums is melodious, and the requirements for materials and sizes are very high. Hand drum can accurately emit 11 notes to obtain the ideal ethereal tone. The sound of the hue drum instrument is crisp and clear, which helps relieve anxiety. 

With 8 notes,  can play most songs. 2.6-inch 11-note yoga drum comes pre-tuned to the Standard C key. C key and 11 notes alloy steel tongue drum have a range of sound and can be played with mallets or with your fingers. 3. Hand pans steel drum is widely used in religion, Buddhism, Confucianism, leisure, yoga meditation, theatrical performances, prenatal education, physical and mental healing, music education, and sound therapy.


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