Door Bar for Sensory Swing



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These are great if you do not have somewhere that you can hang your Sensory Swing.

As parents ourselves we worry about the structure of the door bars and their ability to hold the users weight without coming down onto of them. Because of this we have sourced a new patent product on the market with extra large feet that has 32 anti-skid strips to help keep your loved ones secure and in the air where they are meant to be. 

Competitively priced - Get direct from $116 - Unfortunately with covid and less freight heading to NZ freight costs have skyrocketed meaning our bigger heavier items are costing a lot more and we have had no choice but to increase our costs. 


* 32 anti-skid strips - increase the anti-skid block contact area for a more secure hold 

* Fits most NZ Doorways 

* Easy to use 

* The max weight they can hold is 350kg

* Its material is steel pipe and EVA foam + PVC anti-skid pad

* Adjustable 65-100cm 

* Perfect for people who cannot or do not want to put screw holes in their home


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