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Compression sheet is a lightweight, super soft sheet that slips around your mattress to provide deep pressure therapy, throughout the night. The 100% Nylon/Spandex blended sheet can be used with or without additional bedding, allowing you to stay cool and secure throughout the night. Compression sheets use the same science behind weighted blankets but at a much lower cost and without the heavy layers. Smoosh NZ Sheets provide what is known as Deep Touch Pressure or DTP by providing sensory input to your whole entire body without additional weight or heat. The sheet uses it's elasticity to create compression up to your shoulders much like being cuddled. The compression from Smoosh NZ Compression sheet is designed to create gentle, distributed pressure across the body to calm your mind and senses and reduce movement. This type of therapy has been shown to lead to a calmer nights' sleep for those who struggle relax due to anxiety or other disorders. This compression sheet will be assured to stay on top of you during the night no matter how much you turn, making sure you enjoy the sensory benefits throughout the night. Minimum age is 3 years.

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