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Calmer Llama co. Bliss Mist Combo

Buy all 3 bottles of Calmer Llama co. Body Mist in a combo and save. 
A fun play on words a little bit naughty for something a little different and with a cute design. Try this beautiful Bliss Mist by a local business Calmer Llama co.  You can use it to spray on your pillow, linen, use as a room mist or as a deoderant or perfume plus much more. 
Ahhhhh Lavender . The hippy remedy to pretty much anything - mozzy bites, sleep deprivation, hysteria & shark attacks. If you're looking for a cure for your distemper then this is the **** for you. Lurrv Potion will keep you safe from evil. Brought to you by Calmer Llama co. because smelling like plants is top.
Is the voice inside your head telling you to do bad things? Before you post that angry Facebook status, do us all a favour and don't. Instead, douse yourself with this delectable bergamont infusion. Fresh, Brought to you by Calmer Llama co. because we don't want no drama. 
We don't just mean to cause offense, but sometimes you just need to calm the  **** down!
Close your eyes and spray the cray cray away with this rose-infused calming mist.
Brought to you by Calmer Llama co. because we like to be surrounded by normal people

Made in Tauranga, New Zealand 
100ml Its all good in here (like plants & ****)H20White SpiritEssential Oil
All 3 bottles are included

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